Anirban Roy

Research associate in Astrophysics and Cosmology

Hello! I am a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University working with Prof. Nicholas Battaglia. I was a PhD student in Astrophysics and Cosmology at SISSA in Trieste, Italy. I did Master of Science in Physics from University of Burdwan. I enjoy working on the cosmological models which can be tested by the "big data" from future experiments. I am broadly interested on Cosmic Microwave Background, structure formation of the Universe, Dark energy etc. You can find more details about me by looking at my other pages.

To know about research papers please visit my InpireHEP profile.

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  • Carlo Baccigalupi

    (Advisor, SISSA)

  • Andrea Lapi

    (Advisor, SISSA)

  • David Spergel

    (Advisor, Princeton University)

  • Girish Kulkarni

    (TIFR, India)

  • Daan Meerburg

    (University of Cambridge)

  • Anthony Challinor

    (University of Cambridge)

  • Martin Haehnelt

    (University of Cambridge)

  • Soumen Basak

    (IISER-TVM, India)

  • I am also member of upcoming CMB experiments such as Simons Observatory, CMB S4 ad CMB Bharat.


  • 00-91-11110-22220
  • anirban_roy